Is perfection damaging your business


The marketing e-mail with 5 mistakes in it that got sent will generate more sales than the near perfect one that just needs a little tweak to achieve perfection but is still sitting in the drafts folder.


We often agonise over whether something is right because the perfectionist in us takes charge. After all, it’s your business and you don’t want anything to go out if it has errors in it that might make your business look like it doesn’t care about quality, do you?

There’s a key word in that last sentence – “might”.

There is always going to be someone that picks up the odd typo or grammatical error, but are they likely to be buyers? More importantly, are they going to be the sort of customer you want to deal with if they did buy? You know the sort – nit-picking, always looking for a deal, for something extra, for the freebie. The sort that drain the life out of you and your team for minimal profit – if any once you cost out the time they sap.


The important errors or mistakes can be easily weeded out with a few simple systems and processes:

  • Do all copywriting in Word and use spell check
  • Use the four eyes principle – have somebody else read everything before it goes out
  • Use checklists for pricing and key inclusions such as T&C’s, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, landing page URL’s
  • Send a test and have the receiver check everything against a checklist
  • etc.


That’s sorted the main areas for mistakes. So what is really holding you back?






In the cartoon, Wally is always progressing half way to delivering and never actually getting there. Now for Wally it’s about work avoidance. He doesn’t want to get found out that he has actually done little or nothing.

How about you – what’s holding you back? I’m certain it’s not the same as Wally. You know how hard you’ve worked.

You’re not alone. Plenty of entrepreneurs, including me, have been in this situation. You’re concerned that what you have created isn’t good enough. That people won’t want to buy it. That it needs something more.

So it sits on the shelf/the hard drive/in the cupboard waiting for perfection.


But do you know what. People don’t buy perfection. They buy what they see, what they need. They don’t know it’s not perfect in your eyes, it just does the job for them.


So don’t agonise over perfection, get it out there and let the client decide. Ask for feedback and see what extras your clients want.

And if it doesn’t sell, then it’s highly unlikely that extra little tweak you were looking for would have made the difference. Better to find out sooner and move on to the next thing.


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