Goal setting – don’t aim for mediocrity

goals - resetIt’s midway through the year so it’s time for reviewing goals and objectives for your team and your business. It’s a frustrating time for a number of reasons. A survey of small businesses found that on average owners only spend 2 days a year working on their businesses rather than in them. I spend a full day every quarter on reviewing my business objectives for the year, getting in to detailed specifics for the next quarter. That’s without the other time I spend planning and building my business and it’s systems to support my clients.

So, do you have goals and objectives for your business and your staff? Many don’t and that’s my first frustration. How can you adjust your strategy if you don’t have one in the first place? Goal setting can be hard but it’s a habit well worth developing.

The second frustration is with those that do have goals or objectives. It’s because they are typically set up to target mediocrity. When goal setting for your team or business, be challenging.

Objective setting
Most people are taught that objectives must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

I don’t have a problem with S, M and T, but achievable and realistic? That’s where mediocrity sets in. It sets people and businesses up to underachieve. As a counter I often hear people say that they have set stretch targets – still achievable and realistic, but designed to encourage people work a little harder. I don’t want people to work a little harder, I want them to work smarter – much smarter. I want them to think differently and challenge what they do and how they do it. You see, if you always do what you’ve always done, even if you do it a little harder you’ll still always get what you’ve always got.

I want my business and my teams to achieve a lot more. To do that we need to approach things differently. We need to try things, challenge the norm and innovate. To encourage people to do that I like to set big, hairy arsed goals that can’t possibly be achieved by just working harder.

By all means stick with SMART goals, but make the A Aspirational and the R Relevant. Then make the objective BHA – Big and Hairy Arsed! Aim for the stars not the end of the street. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.