The Fosbury Flop and your marketing

Back in the 1960’s Dick Fosbury was a 21-year-old senior at Oregon State University with a major in civil engineering, two bad feet and a worn-out body. He was unable to get on the college track or field team until he perfected an unorthodox way to clear the high jump bar higher than anyone else. You see Dick was tired of getting the same old results from the same old methods. He realised he needed to be different. To try something new to get different results. Better results. To get a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics!

Is your marketing a bit like Dick before his Flop? The same old results from the same old methods. Given that in any particular market the bottom 20% of businesses are failing and the next 60% are just getting by, how do you make sure you are in the top 20%? Well the first thing is stop behaving like the 80%.


Don’t do what they do….

The 80% do the standard stuff because they always have. They place the same ad in Yellow Pages but have no way of knowing if it drives any customers to them because it goes straight to the single business number they have. They do leaflet drops because they always have, with that same single number on it. They have a website, but very little traffic and no way of tracking who has been there (more in a future blog on tracking your marketing). They get excited when they get a call out of the blue offering them an 80% discount on a newspaper ad because they sense an opportunity. (they were right by the way – it was an opportunity for the sales guy to offload worthless space).


Be different

So take some tips from the top 20% and do things differently from the majority of your market. Know who your competitors are and sign up with the good ones. Get their marketing, learn from it then swipe and deploy in your own business. No – not copy and deploy. Swipe the ideas, adapt to your own style and message, then deploy. Look at other markets, sectors and industries to identify ways they market to their prospects and see if they can be adapted to your market. With a little imagination and ingenuity you’d be surprised what can be deployed to fantastic effect.

The owner of a car leasing company spotted an opportunity when she noticed a key contact was hiring a number of senior people that would all need company cars. To get the contact’s attention they sent him a large parcel – it got his attention!. In it was a remote controlled mini and a well-crafted sales letter. Net result – they now supply all that contact’s company cars.

Somebody else swiped and deployed the idea, send key people they wanted to have conversations with a remote control helicopter but without the remote. To get the remote they had to book an appointment when the sales guy would turn up with the remote and a nicely targeted sales pitch.

It’s about being different, being innovative, about standing out from the crown. Being in the top 205 not the bottom 80%


Even some of the smart guys are not doing this….

Marketing is a three stage process. Identify your target Market. Tailor your Message so that it speaks directly to their pain. Then chose the most appropriate Media to get to them. Market, Message, Media. Marketing 101.

Well what if you had a tool that could identify specific people in your target market. A tool that could get your message direct to them. A tool that allowed you to use messages, files and video media to get that message across. Wouldn’t you want that tool? How about if you could use it for free? Well you can and probably already do use it, but not for marketing. It’s LinkedIn!

With LinkedIn you can find and engage with your ideal prospects. If you have a powerful personal profile that enables you to be found, demonstrates your credibility and delivers value to the reader connecting with your prospects is a breeze. Once engaged you can explore their issues and demonstrate how you’ve helped numerous clients resolve similar situations.

Most people think that LinkedIn is on online cv to attract recruiters or a way of keeping in touch with old colleagues. Only a few switched on business owners and sale people have cottoned on to the huge sales potential in LinkedIn. It all starts with that powerful personal profile and finding and making the right connections. If you want to join that elite group some along to my LinkedIn bootcamp. It’s an exciting journey – be part of it. LinkedIn Bootcamp.