I Know……..but it won’t work for me

People have opinions about pretty much everything and preconceived ideas about most. They are based on their own behaviours and habits. Those behaviours and habits have been developed over years of working and are conditioned by the environment they operate in and the people surrounding them. They’ve become ingrained so when you suggest they try something new or different you get the response “I know, but that won’t work for me because….”

The top 20%
In any particular type of business, how those businesses are doing breaks down as follows:

  • 20% are failing
  • 60% are getting by
  • 15% are on the up and getting there
  • 4% are getting it right
  • 1% are super successful

The people that say “I know….” are typically in that first 80%. They are failing or struggling. Either that, or they’ve never plucked up the courage to leave corporate life and start a business. They are not open to new ideas or trying to do things differently. But the problem is that if you keep doing the same old stuff, you’ll get the same old results. If you want to make a step change in your business’ performance, you need to make a step change in how you run your business. You need to be open to new ideas, to different approaches, to trying things that you haven’t done before.

The average of 5
If you are in the top 20% and aspire to be in the top 5% or even that elite 1%, then you need to avoid the “I knows”. You need to surround yourself with successful people because it is said you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. You need to learn from experts. People that have been there, done it and have cupboards full of t-shirts.

I know, but LinkedIn won’t work for me….
I encounter a lot of “I knows” when I talk to people about LinkedIn – even with otherwise successful business owners. They think LinkedIn won’t work for them because of their preconceived ideas about LinkedIn:

  • It’s an online cv.
  • It’s for keeping in touch with old colleagues.
  • Only recruiters use it for business.
  • I don’t use it because I just get spammed with sales messages.

The reality is that LinkedIn is the hidden gem in social media marketing.

  • Because people load their cv’s (with job titles et al) you can find your ideal business prospects very easily using the advanced search facility.
  • And because people keep in touch with colleagues in the same line of business, finding one ideal prospect often leads to a bunch more.
  • Because people want to be found easily by recruiters they stuff their profiles with key words – the very keywords you need to find your target prospects.
  • Yes, you will get some spam messages, but no more than you get in your e-mail inbox. And they are just as easy to delete and it’s much easier to report people as spammers and block them from messaging you again.

Smart business owners use LinkedIn to promote themselves and their businesses. They use it to find and connect with their ideal prospects. They use it to bypass gatekeepers and get direct conversations with decision makers. They’re in the top 20% heading for the top 5% – if they are not already there.

If you want to use LinkedIn to propel you towards the top 5%, connect with me on LinkedIn – uk.linkedin.com/in/allenruddock – and send me a message with “I want to be in the top 5%” as the subject.