Want More Referrals?

Do you want more referrals? What would you pay for a system that provides a steady stream of referrals straight to your inbox? No set up costs or activities, no maintenance fees or activities and all you have to do is ask politely?

What if I told you the system exists, already has over 360 million users worldwide including most of your best clients and is FREE.

You want that system don’t you?

Well you probably already have it – it’s LinkedIn.

I want my share of referrals
So why aren’t you getting your steady stream of referrals? It’s probably because you’re like most of those 360 million users who think LinkedIn is pretty much an online cv used by recruiters and job seekers.

I’ll let you in to a little known secret – it’s not. LinkedIn is the single biggest and most under-used marketing weapon available to any business owner or professional in the B2B marketplace. And it’s FREE!

How do I get my share?
Did I mention your best clients are probably already on LinkedIn? Are you connected to them? They’re hardly going to refer you if you’re not. Once you’re connected you are just a simple, polite message away from getting that referral.

Danger alert!
But hold on. If somebody sees a referral recommending you on LinkedIn the first thing they are going to do is look at your profile. Is it up to scratch? Does it tell your prospect what they need to know? You see, if you thought LinkedIn was just an online cv, then that’s probably what your profile looks like. But you don’t want a job, you want to sell to your prospects.

Help is on hand
That’s where I can help.

First of all there’s my ebook ‘9 Points to Creating a Powerful Personal Profile’ . Click on the link, sign-up and get a free copy straight into your inbox.

Second – you’ll have already done this if you did step one – sign-up for my blog and get a regular stream of useful tips to help you market and grow your business.

Third – talk to me. Call me on 01483 387052. If I’m not around my support team will agree a time when we can talk about how I can help you set up your referral machine.

Why Allen?
I really care about helping people get more out of their careers and out of their businesses. As a project manager for 30 years I have lead, coached, mentored and trained project and line managers and teams to deliver more effectively. As a business owner and coach I have built a successful consultancy and training business and, with my wife, built and sold a successful local care business for a substantial 5-figure sum. In that time I have successfully used LinkedIn to connect with my target clients to develop business opportunities.

This strong background in delivery, training and coaching, mixed with developing small businesses, means I know how much potential there is for most people to market themselves and their businesses so much more effectively and more personably. Through the 3 degrees Social network, the Entrepreneurs Circle and various mastermind groups, I’ve accessed a whole host of tools and resources to help people work smarter, market themselves and their business more effectively and have the time to do and enjoy the things that are really important to them.

LinkedIn is one of the most under-utilised resources I’ve come across. That’s why I love being part of 3degrees Social. We specialise in helping you halve your networking time and take the ‘6degrees of separation’ down to just 3degrees with effective use of LinkedIn. I have a variety of ways I can help you with this – from half day and full day workshops (open and in-house), through online programmes to hands-on 1:1 three-month programmes tailored just for you.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grow. Connect with me today, book that call with me, and let’s start to explore how I can help you grow your business.

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