Making the selling easy


Here’s the secret to me getting 5½ years consulting work….




Yes, just two connections on LinkedIn have kept me in consulting work for 5½ years.


The first role arose when a connection reached out to a number of her connections looking for people with just my sort of skills. A quick e-mail and less than 48 hours later I was signed up as an associate to a consultancy that kept me at the same client for 4½ years.


The second role came about when a former colleague and LinkedIn connection saw one of my blog posts through LinkedIn and asked if I might be interested in a role one of her connections needed to fill. A few conversations later and I was signed up for 6 months in Oslo.


I then got poached back by the first client because I built such a good working relationship with them.


That’s another 6 months and counting…..


All because:

  • I had the right connections
  • I maintained contact
  • My profile demonstrated my credibility


Now I talk to a lot of people about using LinkedIn in their business and get a few challenges. They typically fall in to one of three categories:


  1. Firstly they think LinkedIn is just an online cv used by people to get new jobs and recruiters to find candidates.

Yes it is used for that a lot

But with over half the world’s professionals on LinkedIn, with job titles and descriptions, it means your ideal prospects are almost certainly on there and are easy to find.

Oh, and when you do find them, their contract details are there too 🙂


  1. The second objection I get is that LinkedIn is just to keep in touch with old colleagues.

Yes it gets used for that a lot too.

But if your best clients are on LinkedIn who do you think they are connected to?

That’s right, old colleagues in a similar line of business.

They could be you next ‘best client’


  1. The final objection goes along these lines “I’m on LinkedIn but never get any business from it and just get spammed by sales people”.

Well if you treat LinkedIn like a cv or an old boys network, that’s all you’re likely to get.

But if you treat it like the lead generation goldmine that it is you’ll get vastly different results


Making the selling easy

I made my consultancy sales easy because:

  • I made the right connections
  • I maintained contact
  • My profile demonstrated my credibility


You can make the selling easy for your business too.


It’s a three stage process:

  1. Get yourself an awesome personal profile.
    One that delivers real value to the reader and builds your credibility from the off.


  1. Find you ideal prospects using a combination of search and self-publicity through publishing and Groups – that way they’ll find you


  1. Engage and connect in the right way


Employ all the social selling tactics of

  • delivering real value,
  • reciprocity and
  • asking the right questions.


Taking these three steps in the right way means your prospects will see the value you give to your clients without you having to sell. They’ll be coming to you asking for your help.


If you want to have LinkedIn make your selling easy, sign up for my Online Bootcamp now.