You only get one chance to make a first impression


You have a meeting booked with a potential new client. You want to be well prepared so you’ve rehearsed your presentation and your sales pitch. You’ve read and re-read the communications from the prospect and looked at their company website. What more could you do to be better prepared?


They have done the same. They’ve looked at your marketing materials and your website. They’ve read and re-read your responses to their communications. Then they have gone the extra mile.

They recognise that with 400 million profiles worldwide (including 20 million in the UK alone) comprising over 50% of the world’s professional workers, any switched on business person will have a LinkedIn profile. So they’ve checked you out. Probably anonymously. They checked out your team and your company profile too.

They know all about you. Your professional background, your interests and qualifications.

What? Those details are all out of date. There’s nothing about your current business.


You only get one chance to make a first impression and you just blew it. And all because you don’t think LinkedIn is useful or important. In today’s business world, LinkedIn is often the first place people will go to find out about you. So whether you like it or not, LinkedIn IS important.


You may not want to use LinkedIn to find and connect with potential clients or partners (that could be another trick you are missing) but they will use LinkedIn to find out about you.

And if what they find is scrappy, incomplete and out of date, what sort of first impression does that give them of you? What other parts of your business suffer from the same attention deficit – customer service perhaps?


OK, maybe they are feeling generous and accept that maybe LinkedIn isn’t your thing. After all there are so many of these social media platforms. We can’t keep them all updated.

But you have still missed a HUGE opportunity to create a really POSITIVE first impression.


With a powerful personal profile on LinkedIn you can create a rapport with your prospects before they even speak to you. You can:

  • Demonstrate the benefits clients get from working with you or buying your products
  • You can showcase products, knowledge and experience through published articles, e-books, whitepapers and videos
  • You can showcase client testimonials which speak louder than anything you can say yourself
  • You can publicise awards and industry credentials
  • You can demonstrate you social responsibility through the causes and organisations you support

Etc. etc. etc.

Whether you own or run a business or are simply an employee, LinkedIn is your personal shop window. And the rest of the business world is forever window shopping. Do yourself a favour – no, do yourself JUSTICE. Make sure your LinkedIn profile demonstrates your knowledge and credibility and sings your praise right across the internet. Need some help? Down load my free guide – 9 Key Points to creating a Powerful Personal Profile. Click on the link or the image


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