Tiny Noticeable Things

TNT – Tiny Noticeable Things

Have you noticed that when you experience good service it’s often the little things that you remember? The chocolate on the pillow, the bottle of water by the bed, fresh milk in a flask instead of those irritating little UHT pots. Little things that don’t cost a lot but make all the difference.

That’s not to say that a few little extras can compensate for poor quality or bad service. You must absolutely deliver fantastic products and services because that is what your clients expect from you. But to keep them coming back rather than trying somebody else’s products or services that might be just that little bit cheaper is where those Tiny Noticeable Things come in.

A friend had to get his Mercedes serviced. It was outside of the warranty period so he wasn’t bound to use Mercedes and he could probably have shaved a few pounds off the bill. But the Mercedes garage always greeted him by name, had the paperwork all ready for his arrival, provided a courtesy car or lift to the station, returned the car fully valeted and provided telephone updates throughout the day.Tiny Noticeable Things that made the whole experience much less painful when it was time to get the credit card out.

That whole experience started with the booking in. Will it be you bringing the car to the garage sir? That’s the booking clerk checking who the security guard at the gate would welcome when the car arrives. So when’s the security guard checks the registration number of the car approaching the gate he knows it’s almost certainly Mr Smith behind the wheel. And if it turns out not to be Mr Smith, there’s an opportunity to ask if Mr Smith is ok and whether they should still contact him with updates during the day.

It’s all about creating that first impression. I’ve heard it suggested you should rename your receptionist or whoever has the first contact with clients to the Director of First Impressions – it can make that much of a difference. How much nicer is it to be warmly welcomed as an expected and valued client than with a polite can I take your name and who are you seeing? The effort required – minimal. Effect – priceless.

When was the last time you looked at all those little details in your business? I’ll bet there are lots of Tiny Noticeable Things you could do to wow your clients. It may be a little thank you card for their recent order. Perhaps a little box of chocolates to go with the course materials you sent out. Any number of little differentiators that your competitors just can’t be bothered with.

Putting some TNT into your business could have explosive results. Let me know what ideas you come up with and which ones have the biggest impact. You’ll soon know because your clients will start telling you about them.