The simple success formula



Can success be distilled down into a simple formula?

Is there a silver bullet or bullets that you can load up and use to fire your business to growth and profitability?


The simple answer is yes!

That’s a ‘yes’ to both questions.


So what’s the catch?

Why am I sharing this for free?


Well, the formula is simple and the bullets are readily available in every business.

But success only comes with implementation.

That’s the catch.

And I help people with implementation.

So the more business owners that know the formula, the more I can help.


The formula

So what is the formula?

MA x RS x C = R

MA = Massive Action: Nothing will happen in your business without taking action. The bigger the action, the more you can make happen.

Let’s take an example. If you follow up with your leads once or twice (the typical rate of follow up) you are missing a huge amount of sales. Most people only buy on the 4th to 7th contact. So your massive action could be to follow up at least seven times.


RS = Right Stuff: You can take massive action, but if you are doing it wrong, then you won’t get the right results.

If your sales process is poor no amount of effort will secure sales.


C = Consistency:  You have to take massive action with the right stuff to achieve results. But if you only do it once, those results will be pretty small. You need to do it over and over again.


R = Results: We gave a hint in consistency. The formula is a multiplier. If any component is small or zero it dramatically impacts the results.

If you do the right stuff consistently but only a little of it, then you are not going to get huge results. Likewise, massive action of the right stuff done once will generate a blip in your business, but no more.

You need to take action on all parts of the formula to achieve results.


The silver bullets

So now you know the simple success formula.

But what about the silver bullets I mentioned?

They exist in every business.

From the one man band to the largest corporations.

They are the people.

You and, if you have one, your team.


You see the success formula – MA x RS x C = R – can only be implemented by people.

Yes, there are marketing systems that can automate posts and follow up sequences.

But people have to set them up.

People have to right the copy.

And when it comes to the sale, people like to buy from people.


So it’s the people that make a business go round.

It’s the people that make the difference between success and failure.


So you and your people are the biggest asset in your business.

Are you investing in yourself and your people?


If you’d like to learn how to apply MA x RS x C = R to your use of LinkedIn, join me for a free webinar. Click here for more details.