The One thing … in marketing

We all need to be focussed if we are to achieve to our potential. And if we can focus on just one thing, even better. A couple of events recently have brought this home to me.


Focus example

The first is my 16 year old son. He’s in the midst of his GCSE exams. This week he has an exam every day with two today. He’s coping really well because he has a revision plan and he is focussed. He focuses on one thing – one subject – at a time in short bursts with an intense effort on that subject the evening or morning before the exam. It’s a great approach which is serving him well.


Project focus

The second example is a project to launch a new online training and assistance resource. The launch is part of the Entrepreneurs Circle which I have been a member of for a few years now. They recognised that in helping thousands of entrepreneurs over the years they had developed a lot of expertise in getting things done. So what did they do?

  • They took a team of their best people
  • They ‘locked’ them in the boardroom for 9 weeks
  • They took away their other responsibilities
  • They had a clear plan written large on the wall
  • They had a deadline

That focus on one thing – the project – resulted in 53 separate Implementation Plans  covering everything from the basics of starting a business, through every aspect of marketing and running that business. It’s a hugely powerful set of resources and I’ll tell you more about them in another blog but if you’d like to know more about getting your hands on these valuable resources send me an e-mail at

The lesson here though was that they produced a huge amount of high quality output in a very short space of time because they had focus.


Getting your marketing focussed

So getting focussed in your business can really pay dividends. But what should you focus on, particularly in your marketing, as everyone says you should have multiple marketing pillars or activities.

The initial focus should be on your marketing strategy.

  • What pillars should you have
  • How do they fit together
  • What are their respective objectives:
    • Awareness
    • Traffic generation
    • Lead generation
    • Lead capture
    • Initial conversation
  • Which pillar(s) first – the priority order
  • What can be automated
  • Where should the direct engagement be focussed


LinkedIn prominence

If you are in the business-2-business space I believe LinkedIn should be a prominent, if not central, component of your marketing strategy.

Social media strategy

LinkedIn is the platform we you can demonstrate  your expert authority in your field. What other people say about you speaks much louder than anything you can say about yourself. Through its recommendations system, LinkedIn provides your clients and contacts the ideal platform for that.

I drive traffic from my other social media platforms to LinkedIn to prove my credibility and my website to harvest their contact details by providing further added value.

I can then use e-mail, Facebook and offline automated systems to deliver ongoing continuity engagement.


Automated to personal engagement

As soon as the automated marketing triggers a meaningful engagement, that’s when  I switch from automated to personal mode and the platform of choice is LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn enables me to find out about the person I’m interacting with – their background, experience, interests and their approach to things through their posts and contributions.

By interacting through LinkedIn the contact is more than likely going to check out my profile. That is written in such a way as to demonstrate the benefits I deliver to my clients and offers real value to the reader. This reinforces my positioning as the go to person in my field.

Once I have built a level of engagement through LinkedIn I then look to take the conversation off-line to either the phone or face to face.


Targeted engagement – focussed conversations

This approach enables me to automate the top part of the marketing funnel and identify or home in on the key interactions that are more likely to lead to a sale. It’s like having a laser targeting system through your funnel

LinkedIn sales funnelIf you’d like to develop your own LinkedIn laser targeting system sign up for my online LinkedIn Business Advantage Programme – it takes you through each of the steps I’ve described above. Click on the link or the image below.