The art of making the selling easy

Here’s the scenario:

You’ve been invited along to present to a room packed with your ideal clients. You spend 45 mins wowing them and at the end, they rush to the back of the room forming a slightly disorderly queue as your team takes their orders.

Wouldn’t that be great? But how do you achieve it? How do you get the invite in the first place? And then what do you have to do to get that reaction? How do you go about making the selling easy?

It all starts long before the meeting. There are two pre-requisites and one key skill.

The pre-requisites

First and foremost you must have an MVP. Without an MVP you have nothing.

What is an MVP?

At its most basic level, an MVP is a Minimum Viable Product. You have to have something worthwhile to sell. But to really make the selling easy your MVP needs to be that Most Valuable Product – the product that everyone needs and wants. The product that is going to address the second pre-requisite.

The second pre-requisite is your customers need or want. Your product or service has to take away their pain, fix their burning problem or satiate their deepest desire. In other words, they’ve really got to want it.

So you have a great product or service that addresses a real need or desire.

That’s game over surely?

I’m afraid not. The need or the desire will be very real, but how does the customer know your product or service is the answer. How do they know you’re up to the job?

That’s where the skill comes in

The skill

The skill comes into play from the outset. Right from the start when you are designing your product or service. From how you let your prospective customers know about your product or service. Let’s consider the Dilbert cartoon below for a moment.

Dilbert positioning

Wally has spent years being useless. He is well practiced and proficient at it. So when he replaces himself with a useless ‘chatbot’ nobody can be sure whether it’s him or the ‘chatbot’ sending the email replies. You see, Wally has positioned himself in such a way that the alternative is extremely credible. It even wins grudging admiration from the evil head of Human Resources.

Positioning is the all-important skill.

You need to create your products and services with a clear understanding of how you are going to position them in the market. You also have to plan how you are going to position yourself and your business. You need to build your credibility in your marketplace. You need to become the ‘go to’ for whatever it is you do or sell.

You need that excellent product or service. But then you need to create an army of raving fans. People that love what you do or make. People that are prepared to sing your praises, because one word from them is worth a thousand from you.

How do you do that? With the world’s largest professional networking platform that also happens to be the most underutilised marketing tool available to every business – LinkedIn

The LinkedIn difference.

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile is a hugely powerful tool for you to demonstrate your credibility and that of your company. LinkedIn’s recommendations amplify that credibility many times over. Remember – one word from a customer is worth a thousand from you.

So LinkedIn should be a part of every businesses strategy whether you sell B2C or B2B. It should be a place where you deliver value to prospects and have that backed up by the recommendations of your clients. And if you are selling to other businesses, really smart companies leverage LinkedIn to find connect and engage with the ideal target customers.

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