Market to one person at a time

Your products could be useful to so many people. It could be that you could help anyone with your service. But how do you create the perfect marketing message to get one of them to buy?


The answer is in the question:

But how do you create the perfect marketing message to get one of them to buy?

That’s right, you have to market to one of them. One person at a time.


On 31st January Sir Terry Wogan died. He was a legendary broadcaster on the UK’s BBC both on TV but more importantly on radio. He hosted the breakfast show on Radio 2 for two stints spanning 30 years.  In one of the many eulogies to him a follow broadcaster recounted a conversation when he asked Sir Terry how many people he pictured himself broadcasting to when on air. At the time he regularly achieved 9 million listeners. Sire Terry replied “just one”.


The key to Sir Terry’s success on the breakfast show was that he made every listener feel special. As if they were in a private conversation with him, one to one.  That was his gift, his knack.

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It is that approach that you need to emulate when crafting your message to your
target audience. As you write your next piece of copy, imagine you are
having a conversation across the table with them. To have that conversation you
need to ‘know’ them, to understand them. So why not write a little bio. Give them
a name and find a suitable picture. When I write a new campaign for a course or
service offering I create just such a profile. I even print it out and have it sat opposite
me on my desk so I can look at it and refresh my memory as I write the e-mails and
sales copy. So that I can have that ‘conversation’. The picture here shows one of my
target clients. His ‘profile’ is pasted on a flip chart beside my laptop.


Even as I write this blog post I am picturing in my mind’s eye you reading it at your PC or on your mobile. As if we were sat opposite on the train I am on and I am explaining to you how powerful that conversation can be.


So you really need to understand who you are marketing to. Your products and services may well be relevant to many different people but each of them is special. If you were a weight loss coach your message to a woman looking to regain her pre-pregnancy figure will be very different to the massage to a 55 year old man looking to negate his middle age spread. Your actual service might be the same but your message to sell that service needs to be very different.


How can you target what you send or post?

If you are writing e-mails, segment your database and send specific campaigns to distinct groups. Perhaps you can split your list up or add tags to do this.

If you are looking at Facebook posts, write specifically for individual groups and separately for you broader page posts.

If you are using LinkedIn – and if you’re marketing business to business, you really, really should be using LinkedIn – then you can tailor individual messages to individual conversations. That really is a one to one conversation. And with LinkedIn’s search capabilities and groups it is easy to find your ideal prospects. You need to make sure you have a powerful personal profile to provide your prospects with a compelling reason to connect with you. And you have to connect and engage in the right way.  But there is no better tool to achieve this for you.


So chunk down your target audience into as distinct a group as you can. Then create that picture of the person you are going to have the conversation with. Then be yourself. Just as Sir Terry was, to each individual in his 9 million strong audience.



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