If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter

Consider this scenario:

You hear a speech from a Gold Medal winning Olympic rower. The speech is all about the approach he and his teammates in the men’s eight took to go from no-hopers to Gold Medal winners. An approach that examined every aspect of what they did – diet, training, even relaxation.


Do you think:

  1. that’s fascinating, thanks very much
  2. that’s ok but I don’t like rowing and it has nothing to do with my business


  1. that’s really interesting, how can I apply that philosophy in my business


Which option would you take? Super-successful businesses take option C. They have the mindset that looks for opportunity in every situation. They look to take other people’s experiences and apply them to their own business.


Thinking is important

How much time do you spend on your business? On average, business owners spend just two days a year working on their business. If you do the 90 minutes I talked about last week for just three days each week you’ll beat the annual average in your first month!


But how you spend that time is even more important. Even when we work on our businesses, we can all fall foul of being busy doing the wrong things, being busy without being really productive.

One hour of quality thinking is worth a month of hard work.

Why? Because that hour’s thinking shapes and drives what you do with that month of hard work.

Thinking alone is not enough. A well thought out plan is worthless unless it is implemented. Don’t over-plan or over-think – that just leads to procrastination and indecision.

That’s why I advocate doing your 90 minutes. Concentrated thinking married with focused execution.


Now having the right mindset isn’t about just one thing. It isn’t a case of doing one thing and you’ve cracked it. It’s about a whole raft of things.

  • It’s about how you think about yourself and your role
  • It’s about how you react to situations
  • It’s about who you hang around with

But most of all it’s about choice. You get to choose all the above and much more.


So mindset is about you and the choices you make. You have to mind about the choices you make. Because if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.


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