Focus and amplification for success in 2016

Like at the start of every year, you’ll have been hearing a lot of people talking about goal setting and objectives for the year ahead.

The bad news is you’re a bit late.

We’re already into the second working week and if you haven’t already set in motion the actions to achieve your month 1/quarter 1 targets, you’re either behind the curve or the targets are not ambitious enough


Most successful entrepreneurs set their goals and targets for the year by the middle of the last quarter of the previous year.


What you need now is implementation. Implementation of the things that are going to enable you to achieve those goals and targets.

You won’t find many people talking about this.


Because it’s hard.

The temptation is to get back to work in the new year and pick up from where you left off, doing the same old things.

But if you always do, what you always did, you always get what you always got. NOT the ambitious growth your goals described, but the same old business.


Now if you defined your goals well, you also defined the means to achieve them.

The things you are going to do differently to achieve them.

The new things you are going to do to achieve them.


What is required now is focus and amplification. Focus on the one or two things you need to do to achieve your month 1/quarter 1 targets. The New Year is a 12 month marathon, not a 1 month sprint, so focus on your first waypoint, identify the activities to achieve it and then amplify them.


You may have read about my formula for success in last year’s blog. Results come from massive action of the right stuff, consistently applied:

R = MA x RS x C

The right stuff comes from the focus and massive action, consistently applied is the amplification.


So if you want 2016 to be your best ever year, focus on the one or two things that will smash January and amplify their implementation.

Then repeat for months 2 to 12.


In February I’m teaming up with a longstanding colleague and friend who is brilliant in her field to host a a very special masterclass for just 10 participants. It is very focussed on one business niche and it will provide the key tools to amplify your business as never before.  I can’t say too much more just yet, but if you are in property and I’ve piqued your interest, drop me an e-mail on and I’ll keep you informed.