Could you be wrong about LinkedIn?



The conversation started along these lines:

“Yeah, I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t really use it. I’ve never really found it much good”


Now this guy is a contract business analyst in a fairly specialised area of banking and finance systems.

So he’s a business owner.

He needs to find and keep clients.

His clients are banking and finance professionals.

Where are his target clients most likely to be active in a professional capacity on social media?

Yep, LinkedIn.


OK so he has a contract now.

In fact, he’s had contracts pretty much continuously for the last few years.

He’s got them through recruitment agencies and contacts.

So he doesn’t really need LinkedIn, right?



Recruitment agents move around – a lot.

Contacts move jobs more and more frequently.

Both have LinkedIn profiles that stay with them.


Multiple lead sources

My contractor colleague has two lead sources – agencies and contacts – and he’s not really doing a good job of keeping in touch with either.

How many lead sources do you have in your business?

I know of one successful online business owner who generated ALL his business from Facebook ads.

That was until Facebook changed its rules and overnight his business died.

He effectively needed to start again.

That’s why every business needs multiple lead sources.


Why LinkedIn

So you can probably see the reason why my contractor colleague should be actively using LinkedIn. But why should you use it in your business? Why should LinkedIn be a key part of your business to business marketing strategy?


I usually here three reasons why business owners think that LinkedIn is not for them

  1. It’s just a glorified online cv to attract recruiters

Yes it does get used as an online cv. Which means everyone puts there job titles and descriptions on there.

Which means you can easily search for and find your ideal target clients.

  1. It’s just for keeping in touch with old colleagues

Yes, it gets used a lot for that too. But the chances are your best clients are on LinkedIn.

So who do you think they are connected to?

Old colleagues in trhe same or similar lines of business.

They could be your next best clients.

And you already know someone who can introduce you.

  1. I just get spammed by people selling me stuff.

Spam and sales messages are a fact of life.

But they are much less prevalent on LinkedIn because to message someone you are not connected to requires an InMail which has to be paid for.

Spammers don’t like paying for anything much.


So these three reasons that business owners don’t use LinkedIn are the very reasons they should. Their ideal clients are there, easily found and available to be contacted. Could they be wrong about LinkedIn?


Making the connection

So let’s get sending those sales letters right?


LinkedIn is online networking for professionals.

You wouldn’t turn up at a networking meeting and start asking people to buy your stuff would you? So don’t do that on LinkedIn.

All the rules about social selling apply.

Build rapport, give value and ask questions.

And make sure your profile sings your praises and proves your credibility.


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