Coaching programmes

Cobwebs on booksYou know how it is. You attend a training course with the best of intentions to put it into practice but then life and business get in the way. The manual ends up on the shelf and gets covered in cobwebs and soon the spiders know more about the subject than you can remember.

But what if you had specific time-bound goals to achieve. Nothing too huge, but a commitment to your coach, and to yourself, on a weekly basis, to take things forward one step at a time. Well that is exactly what our 90-Day LinkedIn Coaching Programme is. A session every week for 12 weeks where we cover one aspect of your use of LinkedIn and then agree some targets for you to achieve before the next call. Whether it’s honing your profile, working out your strategy for driving the right type of connections or even finding the right person to connect with, the 90-day Coaching Programme is a structured, yet flexible way to enable you to meet your sales and business objectives.

If you have already been on one of our Full-Day Bootcamps and have made real headway with your profile we can look at a truncated 60-Day Programme. This is what we call a Combo Programme. Either way we’ll cover all the things you need to be super successful in your use of LinkedIn

We also run in-house Combo Programmes for organisations and web-based online 90-Day Programmes for groups of up to 10. Use our Contact form if you are interested in the next Group 90-Day Programme or an in-house Combo or Group Programme or call me on 01483 387052 for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.