The gift that keeps on giving

We’d all like to receive the gift that keeps on giving. One that delivers something for your business every single day.

Something you can turn to any time you want some business growth and know that it will deliver.

Something akin to having your own personal cash machine that dispenses cash whenever you want, but not from your bank account, but instead straight out of the bank accounts of your clients.

No, I’m not suggesting you hack your client’s bank accounts. Used wisely, this gift that keeps on giving will have your clients willingly opening up there bank accounts to pay you for your products and services.


So what is this magical gift that keeps on giving?


Why your clients give you their money

To understand this gift, you need to understand the psychology behind why customers do business with you.

People like to do business with people.

More specifically, they like to do business with people they know, like and trust. So to get them to open up their bank account to you and buy your products and services, you have to get to know them.

You have to build that trust.


How to build trust

Build trust through your actions

Be personable and get to know your prospects. Prospects become much more engaged when you talk about them rather than yourself.

So find some common interests, ask questions, be engaging.

Don’t splurge out your company history and all your latest offers.

Don’t go on about how awesome your business is. They mostly don’t care.

It’s there problem they want solved. So give them some free help or information. Stuff that is really valuable to them.

Show them just how great you are, without the merest hint of bragging or bravado.



What your clients say about you speaks volumesYour prospects will be much more impressed with what others say about you than anything you say about yourself.

So lead them to where those glowing testimonials can be found, without ramming them down their throat.

Demonstrate your credibility by publishing articles demonstrating your knowledge and getting them read and commented on.

With credibility comes trust.


What is the gift?

What is the gift?

So is trust the gift? No.


Is credibility the gift? No.


Is the gift is a system and/or a process? No.


It is based on a system and a process. A system you almost certainly have, but don’t use properly. A process you probably don’t use or follow properly.


Have you guessed it yet?





But not LinkedIn as most people know or use it.


The gift of LinkedIn is:

  • A powerful personal profile that delivers real value to your prospects and clients.
  • A powerful personal profile that demonstrates your expert knowledge.
  • A powerful personal profile packed with glowing recommendations’.
  • A powerful personal profile that builds TRUST.


And the process? The process is what you do to make use of that powerful personal profile.

  • A process of drip feeding valuable content to your connections and followers.
  • A process that gets you seen by your ideal prospects because of where you post and comment.
  • A process that finds your ideal prospects.
  • A process that allows you to connect and engage without selling.
  • A process that induces your prospects to ask to be your client.
  • A process that you can repeat, over and over again.


A powerful personal profile and a process that means LinkedIn is the gift that keeps on giving.


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