Don’t be fooled by LinkedIn’s ‘All Star’ profile rating

Does your LinkedIn profile have an ‘All Star’ profile rating? Did you add sections in to your profile to get your rating up to the ‘All Star’ profile level? If you answered yes to either question then LinkedIn will be

Are your business cards letting you down?

Business cards? Who needs them in a digital world? Well anytime you meet someone face to face for the first time, your business cards could be the difference between being remembered and being consigned to the mental trash bin. You

Building trust in a cynical world

Building trust in a cynical world

The world is becoming a much more cynical place. Trust is much harder to win. Add to that the exponentially increasing volume of marketing messages that everyone sees day in, day out and it’s no surprise that your marketing e-mails

How to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile

There are over 450m user profiles on LinkedIn, many of them small business owners.  The vast majority of those small business owners say they don’t get anything out of LinkedIn. But super-successful small business owners know how to leverage their

5 Reasons why your website sucks

If your website doesn’t grab the reader’s attention it sucks. Period. And you only have 3 seconds to do it. Attention spans for the average web user are dropping all the time. With so much ‘noise’ out there if you

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter

Consider this scenario: You hear a speech from a Gold Medal winning Olympic rower. The speech is all about the approach he and his teammates in the men’s eight took to go from no-hopers to Gold Medal winners. An approach

The 3 biggest challenges facing business owners

  My first consulting business never really took off. I started it in 2003 with a former colleague and we were, frankly, naïve. We thought because we were good project and programme managers the work would come to us. A

How to get stuff done in your business

Sport is a great analogy for business. Anyone can take part in sport at one level or another. For example, you can just turn up at a track and run a race, or pop down the tennis club to play

The bad news about free…

  I’ve been wondering if I should charge for my blog posts. Up to know they’ve been free for anyone to come and read them. But the bad news about ‘free’ is that people may not take you seriously.  

3 big myths about the internet

DILBERT © 2016 Scott Adams. Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. All rights reserved.” Below the image for me to comply with my usage rights.   The internet is a fantastic resource. But as with any fantastic resource, you have